Short Films, drama and documentary.

Island of Wild Hope
Drama doc for children
approx 5 minutes
Live action with flash animation inserts
Produced - watch it on Jelly Jym blipTV channel

This is a story that connects today with the past through a 14 year old girl, Jenny and a old storyteller, Gappa. The medium is a story from the museum about hope and faith against the odds. 
The Island of Wild Hope is also the pilot for the series, “The Legends of Gappa – stories from the Museum.”

Viscious Cycle
Puppetry and animation
approx 5 minutes
Synopsis:  A modern re-telling of the Elves and The Shoemaker about a young elf, disenfranchised by modern human technology looking for an old fashioned good cause and an old fashioned idealist with a dream to enthuse the young with an interest in science. 

Out and About with Alfie. The Dog and the Stick.
Observational Documentary (part of series?)
Finalist in Fremantle Film Festival
Three year old Alfie plays get the stick with his dog.

The short film put into a 'series' pilot format (opening and closing content plus test narration for preschoolers) added is viewable on