Projects in the Pipeline

Projects in the Pipeline

Five Little Ducks
A preschool (26 X 11') puppetry and animation series.

Five little ducks went out one day.... in all seasons and whatever the weather and had all sorts of adventures and learning experiences involving slippery rocks, fellow young and old bird-folk, twisted trees that grow right to the water's edge, rubbish left by humans, cheeky fish, sprightly crabs, distorted reflections, thick thick mud and most of all treasures and the difficulties of getting them home. And with this quack troop – everybody goes home.

Boo Babbit
A screen puppetry show (26 X 11') for toddlers

Boo Babbit is about SURPRISE and WONDER.

Boo Babbit is always looking for Mop. Boo Babbit is very good at looking because he has long floppy ears that appear to have personalities of their own and behind which he can hide. He also has, a pointy nose to stick into, under and around things, EVERY thing. Oh and big eyes that say “It's a great joke I'm playing isn't it?" But Mop always seems to be able to turn the tables on Boo Babbit and surprise him. Often because along the way the Dotty Bugs always have a fascinating pattern dance to distract Boo.