Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is treasure?

Treasure has been on my mind. I have found lots of new treasure lately on account of being in new places.
It has inspired me. I have been working on a new preschool series concept about some treasure hunters of a webbed feet sort.
I have also made a book called The Treasure Hunter's Guide which you will find on

This book is about what I think treasure is... ie a sight, a sound, a taste, a moment, an object.... It is something a little out of the ordinary that makes you feel good and it is something that has potential.

Looking for and spotting treasure is part of being curious, observant and having a wonder for the world about us - all good science skills.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon quite a sight the other day while walking in the woods. A snake had caught a frog and before my eyes a battle was going on for the frog's life. I thought the snake had bitten off more than he could swallow and my own and my family's own nutritional needs called so I left them to it. But on returning a couple of hours later I discovered the snake had in fact managed to devour the frog. This sort of epic struggle goes on all the time but to catch it is special and the sight of it is a great reminder of what life is really all about. So it is treasure too. And now it is on YouTube for everyone to share.

Wildlife has been a big part of our treasure finding here in British Columbia. You can go looking for it but more often than not it just visits us.