Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Appy these Days

I know I know everybody is turning to developing Apps as the next big thing and yes so am I. I see the ipad and other tablets as a perfect place for preschoolers and my projects to meet and I want to make it happen.

Smart phones and especially tablets with their touch screen ability have blown the new media market open to preschoolers. Preschoolers have Mummy’s mobile and they aren’t going to give it back (until the battery has run out.) Stories and play is preschooler work

in the job of growing up and they come together like magic with a tablet in their lap.

Otto Plus the Oobly Dooblies is a concept that has just found it’s time. The Oobly Dooblies will take over the world. The Oobly Dooblies are just plain fun. Importantly the learning is embedded, like the physics in games like Cut the Rope, which children as young as three years old can play. Nobody mentions gravity or angular momentum there and likewise nobody mentions three, four or even five, minus, multiply, volume or area when the Oobly Dooblies are doing their thing but it is all happening. We all enjoy play and challenges and play is how young children learn, the more engagement the more enjoyment and the more learning. Who wouldn’t want practical problem solving to be colourful, musical and funny?

Otto Plus the Oobly Dooblies has all the right ingredients for engaging pre-schoolers -story, interactivity, music, imagination, colour, movement, humour, connection to their lives and where they are at, embedded learning, explorative free play, creative opportunities, appropriate challenge.

I'm excited, how about you? Well hang on in there, I want to get it right but Otto Plus the Oobly Dooblies is on the move.