My Extraordinary Little Sister

My Extraordinary Little Sister

Cross platform project for kids (aged 6-9 years) TV series either 3' or 11' with casual gameplay.

Dreamer, Matty Pat must look after his little sister whose unusual hair can make her go supersonic.

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My name is Matty Pat, I am eleven years old. Sometimes I have to look after my little sister Spikey Dee who is two. She's kinda cute and funny but my little sister has mental hair. You're not gonna believe this but when her hair is sticking straight up, which is what it always does, it picks up radiation waves or something, like aerials do, and this turns her into a super baby – anything she just happens to be doing she can suddenly do a billion times faster - it's wicked, except when you have to stop her getting mulched by a rubbish truck or something like that. I try to get her to keep her hat on, but you know, it's just not that easy.