Monday, November 16, 2009

What do they say? - "Don't Ever Work with Kids or Animals.."

In the nick of time before jetting off once again, this time to SPAA I have quickly put together a rough and ready pilot (viewable on the blipTV jelly jym channel) of the series "Out and About with Alfie" that has been in my thoughts for quite awhile now. It is with my heart in my mouth that I put this one 'out there.' I have been filming the everyday investigations and unstructured play of my own three year old son with the plan of making a documentary series for toddlers! Now of course I think that my, Alfie is eminently watchable but what will the world think? I think young children like seeing other children in their media. I believe this is more than just somebody's home movies because I have understanding of programme making and of preschoolers. I think the relationship between myself and the subject should add to the programmes in fact. (And I hope my camera skills will be up to it.)
I was very heartened to hear that Five in the UK were making preschool documentaries, although of course it would have been great to be ground breaking too, I think that it will be easier for me to pitch my idea with the precedent of existing series.
The pilot features not only my young son but our ball and stick obsessed family dog. They were a delight to work with!