Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is a busy time. Not only is Ker-Boot getting a make over but so are the Rainbow Dragons! Only now they are more aptly named, Tridragonals Set Go!
Buddhi from Beyond Motion is working with me in making the dragons a little bit less primary coloured, and more suitable for motion capture!
Last week I got to put on a motion capture suit and interpret my own characters for a test. It was pretty physical work pretending to be dragons that are kids!
I am looking forward to seeing Bossy Goo, excitable Tina and cautious Rhomby strut their stuff.
Here I am all suited up opposite Buddhi Munasinghe and in the middle is Nick Lowe who came in to have a look at Buddhi's mocap set up.

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Nick said...

From the looks of this photo, our talents are wasted on animation - we should be fighting crime! ;)