Monday, June 1, 2009

WAM BAM all over again

Thanks to a bunch of brave WA animators (and ScreenWest and the FTI of course,) Wanimate's WAM BAM 09 speed animation competition was a great success again. Once again I was blown away by everyone's commitment and professionalism. The films were clever, funny, attractive, they had story and character and for the most part were finished! This year there was quite a range of animation styles - we had a stop motion entry, a 2 and a half D film and even motion capture!
I personally could not have picked a winner but once again it was a Flash animation Kokarokadoo! that walked away with top honours. All the entries made in just 49 hours by teams of animators can be seen on the Wanimate YouTube site.

Everyone who took part can feel proud of themselves and they should show their films off. I have to admit to feeling just a little bit pleased with myself for making the opportunity for that creativity and talent to come forth! And not for the first time I wish I could animate!

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