Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet Boo Babbit

Actually contrary to a previous blog I do have a new concept that I have worked up.....

I was inspired after the workshop I participated in earlier this year (Gracie Lou) to create a series for toddlers. I wanted to use puppets and I wanted to really hone in on what it is to be a toddler. The way they explore and suck in new concepts and language. Also how toddlers love to be surprised, and of course they love colour, movement and music. This series is designed to be played to toddlers in conjunction with their playtime (as opposed to quiet time) to inspire, extend and validate their naturally developmental habits of investigating and playing with everything they discover.

So here is Boo Babbit who has long ears that appear to have personalities of their own and behind which he can hide. He has a long nose for sticking in, around and on everything and I mean EVERYTHING. He has big eyes to take it all in and to express how funny he finds exploring. Boo plays with Mop who likes to hide and be chased. Boo also plays with the rhythmical dotty bugs who like to arrange themselves in patterns.

This Boo Babbit design has been done by Alan Murphy who is a puppet and animatronic wiz who has worked on lots of feature films such as Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I am hoping to make the pilot because I really want to see what we can get those ears to do!

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